University of Illinois 2002 Corn & Soybean Classic

Transgenic Hybrids, Seed Treatments, and Soil Insecticides: Making Sense of Soil Insect Control
-Michael E. Gray
Grape Colaspis in Corn and Aphids in Soybean: Will There Be a Repeat Performance in 2001?
-Kevin L. Steffey
Emerging Weed Problems in Illinois
-Aaron Hager
Is There a Yield Penalty From Postemergence Soybean Herbicide Injury?
-Christy L. Sprague
Evaluation of Market Advisory Services
-Darrel Good
Put N and P in the Crop, Not the Water
-Robert Hoeft
Stalk Quality, Yield, and Corn Hybrids: Was the "Nightmare of 2000" a Fluke?
-Emerson Nafziger
Corn Diseases in 2000
-Dean Malvick
Soybeans: Got Disease? It's Not a Good Thing
-Suzanne M. Bissonnette
Temperature, Residue, and Yields From Different Tillage Systems
-Bill Simmons

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