University of Illinois 2003 Corn & Soybean Classic

Tackling the Jungle of Winter Weeds
-Christy Sprague
The Future of Weed Control in Soybean: How Many Options Will There Be?
-Aaron G. Hager
New Tests For Soybean Cyst Nematode (and So What?)
-Terry L. Niblack
Getting to the Root of Soybean Seedling Diseases
-Dean Malvick
Can You Improve Your Marketing Performance?
-Darrel Good
Tillage For Corn and Soybean
-Emerson Nafziger
Japanese Beetles and Western Corn Rootworms: The One-Two Insect Punch of 2002
-Michael E. Gray
Corn Borers In Illinois: Past, Present, and Future
-Kevin L. Steffey
Fertilize Correctly: It Pays In Many Ways
-Robert Hoeft

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