Estimates of soybean yield reductions caused by diseases in the United States.

This United Soybean Board-supported project began in 1996 with Dr. J. Allen Wrather, (University of Missouri) and Dr. Stephen Koenning (North Carolina State University) leading the effort. The objective of this project is to provide annual estimates of soybean yield reductions that are caused by plant diseases and pathogens for the major soybean-producing states in the U.S. For data collection, this project relies heavily on extension, university, and USDA plant pathologists and soybean specialists to provide these estimates from each state.

Currently, Dr. Carl Bradley (University of Illinois) and Dr. Tom Allen (Mississippi State University) are leading this project with statistical expertise provided by Dr. Paul Esker (University of Costa Rica).

This project has resulted into a number of peer-reviewed journal articles, which include those listed below. Please consider reading these articles and citing them appropriately when utilizing this database. The soybean disease loss estimate database can be accessed using the form to the left. Choose a disease (or multiple diseases by holding your control key and clicking each option) and a year (or multiple years) and click submit to see a table of data. Please note that tables wider than a few columns will open in a new window.

Peer-reviewed journal articles resulting from this project:

Koenning, S. R., and Wrather, J. A. 2010. Suppression of soybean yield potential in the continental United States by plant diseases from 2006 to 2009. Online. Plant Health Progress doi:10.1094/PHP-2010-122-01-RS.

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Wrather, J. A., Stienstra, W. C., and Koenning, S. R. 2001. Soybean disease loss estimates for the United States from 1996 to 1998. Canadian Journal of Plant Pathology 23:122-131.