Replant Decision Aid

Calculator for determining the predicted yields at different planting dates and plant populations for corn. The formula was figured from data averages of two hybrids planted at two locations (Monmouth and DeKalb) for 4 years.

Enter original planting date (m/dd):  / Enter expected replant date (m/dd):  /
Enter the current injured stand (thousands/acre):  Enter the expected stand for replant (thousands/acre):  
Enter a reasonable maximum possible yield for this field (bu/acre): 
Enter market value ($/bu)  Field size (acres) 
List expected replanting costs per acre in dollars:
Fertilizer:   Seed:  
Pesticide:   Labor/equipment operation:  

 Predicted yield from injured stand:  (bu/acre)  Predicted yield from replant:  (bu/acre)
Predicted income from injured stand: $ Predicted income from replant: $
Total cost of replant: $
Gain or loss from replanting   $
Per acre: $ For entire field: $

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