University of Illinois 2004 Corn & Soybean Classic

Chasing High Corn and Soybean Yields
-Emerson Nafziger
Do You Need Micronutrient Soil Tests?
-Robert Hoeft
Developments in Agricultural Drainage in Illinois
-Richard Cooke
Interactions Between Weather and Crop Disease
-Dean Malvick
The Soybean Checkoff Wants To Give Back $$$ That SCN Is Taking Away
-Terry Niblack
Methods, Performance, and Price Impacts of USDA Production Forecasts
-Darrel Good and Scott H. Irwin
The Changing Picture of Insect Management in Corn and Soybeans: New Tactics, New Invasive Pests, and Unknown Relationships
-Kevin Steffey and Michael Gray
The Wise, the Unwise, and the Otherwise: The Spectrum of Weed Management Practices
-Aaron Hager

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