University of Illinois 2005 Corn & Soybean Classic

Can We Rotate Our Way to Higher Crop Yields?
-Emerson Nafziger
More Corn and Fewer Soybeans: Does It Pay?
-Gary Schnitkey and Dale Lattz
Economic Aspects of Drainage and Water Management
-Richard Cooke
More Isn't Always Better
-Aaron G. Hager
Characteristics of Soybean Foliar Diseases from Bacterial Blight to Rust
-Dean Malvick
So You Think You Can Ignore Nematodes? Think Again!
-Terry L. Niblack
Corn Rootworms Presented Significant Challenges in 2004: Product Performance Issues Linger
-Michael E. Gray
Insect Management Redux
-Kevin L. Steffey and Michael E. Gray
How Much N Do You Need? Is 1.2 Right for You?
-Robert G. Hoeft

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